Pearson Art Foundation Collection

The collection, which began more than twenty years ago under the supervision of Gerald L. “Bud” and Beverly Pearson, includes paintings by artists of international and national prominence.

The primary goal of the Pearson Art Foundation is to expand the appreciation of art by all members of the community, and specifically to enhance the enjoyment of art by young people. It was for this purpose that the Pearson Art Foundation made the challenge that initiated the successful fund drive to build the new Lakes Art Center back in 1991. At the completion of the new center the foundation moved its entire collection to the Pearson Gallery located in the facility. This comprehensive fine arts collection of American and European paintings are now on regular display.

America’s First Family of Art, the Wyeth’s, are well represented. Paintings by the father of this remarkable family, NC Wyeth, are on display along with paintings by his son Andrew (considered the most famous living artist in America), daughter Henriette and her husband Peter Hurd, with paintings by grandsons, Jamie Wyeth and Michael Hurd, rounding out the collection of the Wyeth family art.

The ‘golden age’ of Norwegian painting is represented by the 19th Century impressionist Frits Thaulow. A favorite with visitors is the painting by Grandma Moses–a farm wife, untrained in art, who began painting in her 70′s. Also in the Pearson Art Collection are works of art by Larry Rivers, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, John Singer Sargent and Frederick James Brown.